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„In the Valley of Aspen

Each sunrise and sunset

The time goes by in a different way

Withstanding trends and fashion

With love and weavers passion

The craft that forever shall stay"





„Osikowa Dolina" (Aspen Valley") has always been a unique part of Polish Jurassic Highland.

Its inhabitants have been making use of natural  aspen wood resources 

 since the 19th century and turned its imperfections and softness into art!

Bast made by the force of men's hands

 was then used by women to create beautiful flowers, hats, mats, toys and decoration. 

We are proud to continue this 19th century tradition.






Tools and techniques have not changed at all, and the material, 

 even though it seems to be delicate and fragile, is strong and durable,

 which allows for great artistic freedom.

Therefore, we are relentless in our search for new forms,

 and we are not afraid of undertaking new challenges,

 overcoming any obstacles, which  can by proved by the biggest hat in the world that we have made,

 which has been entered into the Guinness Book of Records.

We owe this success to all craftsmen creating this art.






All our products are hand made from aspen wood and are natural and organic.

Our technique consists of aspen wood hand planing,

 which produces very thin bast (chips) of 0.15 to 0.4mm thickness.

The chips are then used for cutting, weaving

 and forming individual elements, products and compositions.

It’s all about the carpenters precision, manual dexterity and the magic of imagination.






We would like to share our values

 such as nature, tradition and craftmanship through our work.

To this day, aspen products are unique in the world

 due to the used material, design and production techniques.






Our offer includes colourful flowers and compositions,

 Christmas tree and general Christmas decorations,

 Easter decorations, jewellery, candlestics, paintings, lamps etc.

We design and manufacture products for special orders,

 interior and display decoration  for individuals and companies.

We also offer trainings and workshops entitled
„ Artistic Production from Aspen Wood Chips”






Thanks to the use of innovative solutions and techniques

 combined with the creativity of our team we are able to adapt

 to the specific character of individuals, companies and institutions.

We are only limited by our imagination.


Have a look yourself...




Have a look yourself...