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On-line Sale Terms and Conditions


1.    Osikowa Dolina Sp. z o.o. , Koziegłowy 42-350, ul Żarecka 52 KRS- 0000117760, NIP 577-1978-723 is the owner of the on-line store. Sales are made on-line in the form of a contract concluded remotely between the Customer and the Seller.
2.     Shipping abroad is possible only upon a prior notification in order to determine the conditions of the order and delivery.
3.    The Seller reserves the right to change the price of goods, introduce new goods and discontinue sale of products without prior notice.
4.    Payments can be done through traditional money transfer. The cost of banking fees, including those for possible transfers of money from the Customer to the Seller shall be incurred by the Customer.
5.    The date of payment is the date of money being received on the Seller's account, which shall be specified in the order confirmation sent to the Customer.  The Seller will begin order realisation on the date of  payment.
6.    The order can be made through the website:
7.    Completing the right form on the /sklep by the Customer is a prerequisite for the realisation of an order.
8.    Placing an order by the Customer is tantamount to accepting these terms and conditions.
9.    Upon placing an order the Customer receives an order confirmation by email including the order number that shall be used when contacting the Seller.
10.    Orders shall remain active for 7 days after placing an order. If there is no payment on the Sellers account within 7 days from the date of the Customer's order, the Customer order shall be cancelled.
11.    The Customer can combine their orders. Only unpaid orders can be combined, and the payment deadline is extended each time by 7 days but no longer than 21 days from the date of the first order. After the order being combined the Customer pays only once for the delivery.
12.    Order realisation is the completion of the ordered goods, preparation of documents, packaging and shipping.
13.    The order shall be filled provided that the goods are in stock in the warehouse.
14.    The orders shall be filled in sequential order.
15.    In case of unavailability of all or part of ordered goods resulting from the depletion of stock levels for a given product, the Customer shall be immediately notified by mail or phone by the Seller and take a decision regarding the fulfilment of the order (partial completion or total cancellation).  The order shall not be fulfilled until the Customer notifies the Seller about his decision. If there is no such decision , the order shall be cancelled after 7 days from the day when the notification was sent to the Buyer.
16.    The Customer shall provide a detailed delivery address otherwise the order shall not be fulfilled.
17.    The seller reserves the right to cancel the fulfilment of an order if details provided by the Customers are incomplete, incorrect or of doubtful authenticity. In this case the Seller shall try to contact the Customer by mail or phone to supplement the missing data. If such the Seller cannot be reached, the order shall be cancelled after 7 days from the date of notification.
18.    The cost of sending further invoices by the Seller to the Customer, including a duplicate and correcting invoice shall be incurred by the Customer if this necessity results from reasons attributable to the Customer.
19.    Orders shall be fulfilled on weekdays from Monday to Friday.
20.    In case of the Customer's overpayment resulting from reasons attributable to the Customer, the overpaid amount including the payment for the cancelled order resulting from reasons attributable to the Customer shall be refunded to the customer after deducting the cost of banking fees.
21.    Upon the receipt of goods the Customer shall verify the condition of the consignment in the presence of a courier. In particular, the Seller shall make sure if the packaging is intact, if the consignment has not been damaged during transport and if it corresponds with the order. In case of damage, the Buyer is obliged to report it to the courier and draw up a complaint report.
22.    The Seller shall not be responsible for couriers failure to deliver to the customer or delay caused by Customer's failure to provide accurate address.
23.     In case of the loss of a consignment, complaint shall be made to the Courier, who will consider it in accordance with its procedures. Upon the confirmation of the loss of the consignment and the acceptance of the complaint, the Seller shall reship the consignment or refund the payment.  The deadline for the consideration of the complaint depends on courier rules.
24.    The Customer is obliged to accept a shipment that corresponds the order.
25.    The Seller shall supply goods together with a till receipt or at the Customer's request with a VAT receipt.
26.    The store shall not accept any COD shipments.
27.    In case of the discovery of any content discrepancies or faults the Customer shall complain by email within 10 days of order receipt.
28.    The Seller shall replace the incorrect or faulty goods with appropriate goods corresponding the order or if not possible to refund the value of the goods to the bank account specified by the Customer.
29.    The Seller shall not be liable for failure to execute or for the improper execution of a contract due to force majeure or acts of God that were beyond Seller's control.
30.    The pictures of goods featured on store's website might differ from the appearance of actual product due to technical reasons.
31.    The Seller's shall make every effort to ensure that sold product are of highest quality. Because of the fact that Seller's products are made of natural material, the goods might differ in colour and size up to 10% compared with sizes published on Seller's website.
32.    The seller shall not be liable for damage resulting from the use of sold products or information published on the website including any consequential, incidental, indirect, special, consequential, punitive or economic damage (including lost revenue, benefits, contracts, customers, business or commercial transactions or anticipated savings) even if notified of such a possibility.  The Customer accepts that the aforementioned liability limitations shall apply even if adequate compensation does not compensate for the harm suffered. Seller's total liability for direct damage is limited to 100% of the amount paid by the Customer for the ordered goods.
33.    The goods offered by the Seller exposed to sun, air or water might loose              
their physical properties (e.g. colour, shape), which is why there are some cases where Seller's products cannot be used. In case of any doubts whether Seller's products can be used for a specific purpose, the Customer shall contact the Seller prior to the purchase.
34.    All materials presented on website are the property of Osikowa Dolina Sp. z o.o. , ul Żarecka 52, Koziegłowy 42-350, POLAND NIP  577-1978-723
35.    All matters not covered by this Terms and Conditions shall be subject to Polish Law and in particular the provisions of the Civil Code.